Monday, January 28, 2013

A Wire Made For Tripping - Not By Choice - Episode 3

Dave gets a gig handling the cable of a woman who's a little "hands on". Niecy hopes to bust him in the act of cheating. It's pretty exciting.

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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Tabula Rasa

As I've said before in my last post, I think that New Year's might be a better holiday than Christmas since it deals with the concept of a fresh start and betterment. Of course, Christmas is a holier holiday, but where does Christ stand with people in debt due to bad consumerism and bad cholesterol?

Now, I don't think you need a calendar to tell you when to get your shit together, but it can help.

But I like the concept of New Year's since it's about working to get something.

Greatness can't be given to you. You have to get it. It cannot be wrapped and put under a tree.

People sign up to exercise cause of New Year's. It could be argued that they wouldn't have to if they didn't pig out (myself included, stupid story) but it's not about where you've been, but where you're going.

However, looking at the past can assess you in how much you can change about yourself.

I remember feeling sad working on my Suburgatory spec on New Year's Eve. Professionals take no days off. It can still cause FOMO though. I later took the risk and published my ebook Weight Loss Terrorists. While that ebook would catch a lot of buzz from a lot of people, I didn't know that yet.

It was scary. Looking at some unfavorable reviews (people hate it when villains have no motivation, that's why school shootings are fucking scary, but whatever), it still kind of is. But, I'd rather fail than not try. Michael Jordan had to try baseball. It didn't work out. But it made him love basketball more. He didn't have any anxiety thinking about lost opportunities.

Thinking about baseball when you play basketball messes up your game. Thinking about your ebook at your day job makes you look bad. Michael saw it, did it, and moved on.

Like fashion. I always thought fashion was stupid. It still kind of is. But one thing has stuck with me on fashion: it never ends. Like Zen Buddhism. Some designer is prepping for the September Issue right now. And when that's done, he goes back again. Same thing with technology. Same thing with the economic climate.

This is a fun approach. You go, you do it, you learn, you move on. Hopefully, life turns okay on the other side. Actually, wait, we all die. It doesn't. Takes the fear away. So do more.

2012 taught me, that, even in cases of apocalypses, people have no idea what the fuck they're talking about. And neither do I. But, if I'm going in Hell, it's because I want to. Not because of someone's persuasion.

You have things you want in life, you have to get them. Or else, you're a bitter asshole cutting people off on the freeway. Don't be like that. Do what you can with your ambitions.

Succeeding can be scary.

To anyone else, it would be crazy. To this notion, I say fuck everybody else. Mind your own goddamn business.

And I hope Katt Williams goes to rehab.