Monday, September 29, 2014

The Little Things...

I'm still on vacation. Don't worry.

The irony gods live in entertainment. It's best to use that to your advantage.

Say you're not into making money, and turn into a businessman.

Claim to be an entrepreneur, and you make classics that don't make money.

I never understood judging someone for the clothes they wear. I mean, Gandhi freed his people wearing a diaper.

I like contrasts. I like chatting an introvert's ears off.

I like awkward silence with a public official trying to get my vote.

If I was who I really was, I'd probably get a warning. So, I act the weirdo. It's not illegal, but it's frowned upon. It's not illegal to be odd.

So stop making fun of this mask. It's the one you asked for.

Have too much fun, they'll call you crazy.

Don't do it for money, money makes you lazy.

It's okay to be awake, but remember to take an afternoon nap every once in a while.

A musical about a deaf girl in a library.

You know, if unicorns existed, they'd probably be homophobic. That sounds sad, but it's probably true. Ironic reality, is what it is.

The wonderful thing about writing is that you can write about whatever the fuck you wanna write about. Humanity has come along and tried to ruin that.

The Sumerians practicing cuneiform practicing this witchcraft that separated them from the barbarians. These characters they invented for themselves. Keep the magic alive.

I never felt like a failure, and I never wrote about tossing cowchips in the snow.