Thursday, March 13, 2014

To Be Like A Cat

To Be Like A Cat
Is One To Catch A Rat
And Catching Of A Rat
Makes One Creep Where One Once Sat

How Ironic Of A Cat That's Fat
That's Love Of The Chase Stops It At Bat

Monday, March 3, 2014

Social Media, Artistic Adolescence, and Higher Ratings For Award Shows

So, this years Oscars have come to a close.

And I think Ellen pulled it off.

It feels silly being a critic about things sometimes. Like I'm somehow qualified to offer an opinion.

But I think in a history of award shows that are notoriously filled with misfires, this one was a good one.

I think as an artistic collective whole, society knows how to execute greatness.

There aren't as many cringe moments that filled shows of recent past.

The artists know how to use the technology to reach the fans, and the fans know how to use the technology to reach the artist.

Ellen's selfie reminded me a lot of Rowan Atkinson's tweet at the London Olympics opening ceremony. The only difference is that Rowan's tweet was something of an Easter egg. It was reported in a couple places, but it wasn't openly known to be done in real time.

That, and the time delay of the Olympics sort of caused issues with the power of that tweet.

But, watching the quick response people had to the selfie, and the Kevin Spacey/Nicholas Cage photoshop jobs that happened minutes of the selfie being taken have really added an new dynamic to the awards show.

In times past, it was hard to get excited for these displays of the self congratulatory. You have this mishmash of the common folk dismissing the awards of the ceremony while you have others who live their dreams of other people during these events.

And social media brings it all together as a huge communal experience in real time.

Even if you don't like the Oscars, you can follow your favorite comedians on Twitter and listen to their own interpretation of events as they unfold.

You can tell that the Internet has helped make these award shows a much more interesting communal event. You have the haters fighting blindly devoted fangirls who want Jennifer Lawrence to win in every category.

The minimalist "fan" posters displayed during the Best Picture Nominees makes you realize how the nerd online influence rubbed off on Hollywood.

And Ellen was in her element. She developed a chemistry with a lot of the Oscar nominees that were interviewed on her talk show, and it shows. The celebrities were used to Ellen goofing on them, so there wasn't this insecurity thing going on when the usual Oscar hosts do their jokes.

So for now, it's good.

See, happy review. Don't mock the monotone nature of positive thinking.