Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Why The Slow News Day Will Be The Death Of Us All

People are slowly losing their mind on Twitter.

You have people with 100,000 tweets, twelve followers, and not a lot of interesting things to say.

It's understandable if some type of product was being promoted, but when you've dedicated that much metadata to emotional baggage, the problem is you.

There's this subculture of film critics on Twitter who seem to blab themselves into an endless bland purgatory. They have nothing else to do. People who have things to do don't tweet at all random times of the night. It doesn't happen.

Now, working on film shoots is probably one of the hardest things an artist can go through. It's right up there with extensive musical tours. It can drive you to madness if you're not in the right set of mind.

But it gives your life worth.

All this extra energy spent hoveling on social media goes away when you're doing things.

When you see a celebrity die, you shouldn't cry.

You should happy.

They have been remembered for what they dedicated their lives to.

You post their picture as your Twitter avatar. They don't need any other person to showcase their identity.

Now, could I be hating? Possibly.

Here lies Andrew, he liked Back to the Future alot. Is that really something you want on your headstone?

I don't know, maybe you do. It's up to you.

But, I think it sucks. Again, it could be the social media cabin fever talking.

Dr. Oz was in the news recently for allegedly using his TV show for lying to people about so called "miracle cures".

I don't think Dr. Oz was deliberately trying to throw people off.

He had 800 episodes.


He probably wanted to do everything he wanted to do with his show in the first 30 episodes.

Try hosting a podcast for 800 episodes, and see if you don't spouting some snake oil alchemy nonsense.

It wasn't a matter of lying.

Anyone forced to fill a certain amount of time, under the pressure to deliver product, will ramble themselves onto inane subject matter.

I might wanna take time off from this blog to have something of worth to write about.

There's no news to report.

That's when you should be an artist and do something cool.

But instead, we decide to elevate the banal to the theatrical.

Life has a lot of interesting stuff in it. So, take some time off.