Sunday, November 1, 2015


The sun is out.

It's National Novel Writing Month.

Wikisource has a collection of the world's finest literature.

YouTube has the collected works of music spanning Baroque, Classical, Romantic, and so forth.

If your favorite artist has a Twitter account, you can tell them you like their work.

They might not respond, but that was never the point. 

You go into your word processing program.

You type things. Interesting things. You can listen to podcasts about interesting things as you do this.

You go to Goodreads and ask people who buy books if they would buy your book. Cause you lose perception when you've been on the inside of the story too much.

If your instincts feel good about it, you publish it.

If they like it, you write something similar.

If they don't like it, you write something different.

And there you go.

Someone always likes to ruin a good thing.

Anytime a motivational quote comes along, someone likes to poke a hole in it.

People trying to ruin Halloween.

If you want to help your community, build the community, don't tear someone down.

Take pride in being a foolish rogue.

They say in every election, the candidate who is more like Bugs Bunny always wins against the candidate who is like Daffy Duck.

So be Bugs Bunny.

Elmer Fudd starts every day trying to murder Bugs Bunny.

And Bugs has fun with it. He gives it a hard time.

Critics call each episode cliche, but it's really a chronicling of an animal's survival.