Saturday, November 22, 2014

Oncoming Overhaul

I think 2014 sort of was what I wanted it to be. I rubbed a lamp of a mediocre genie, and I got what I wanted. And that's okay.

I tried to pander to people who did not like the same movies/music I like. That backfired on me. You do things cause you think it's a step forward, but everything falls apart, and you feel like a fool for doing it. You develop an instinct for what you're willing to put up with.

I listened to chauvinists who wanted me to represent their minority in my projects while they demeaned other ethnicities with no sense of guilt or irony.

I listened to racist feminists who complained that my projects did not show a "truly" strong female character while they drooled over Fifty Shades of Grey.

I have tried multiple times, to write a bunch of stuff for this blog, but I have fallen in the cracks due to the nature that they were purely clickbait articles. Will I post them in the future? Probably, but not now.

I have decided, at this point, to refocus this blog moreso on new projects I'm working on/interested in. This blog was supposed to promote my other stuff, but I have decided that I would rather make it a blog I would visit as a visitor of blogs. I am willing to accept the consequences of what that entails.

I have been hesitant in my career pursuits by this fear of being open about my opinion.

You see a lot of stories in the news of people in high positions who get fired over tweets. I don't think anybody should get fired over tweets and remarks. You might use remarks as a reason not to vote for someone, but I think anyone who wants to fire someone over remarks is someone who probably doesn't have a real job.

People would rather fire someone over homophobic remarks than help out the LGBT community that's currently abused in Putin's Russia.

Cause people are fake. Don't be fake. Fake collects dust and gets replaced.

I've also dealt with other people that hate success or the steps that lead to success. Or they talk about how hard their life is. They talk shit about those at the top. Novelists that talk shit about Lord of the Rings. Rappers who talk shit about Tupac. While they have no body of work to counter examine with.

Tolkien and Tupac are dead. You gotta worry about yourself.

These idiots are trying to settle some past score. I don't care about past scores. I'm focusing on current championships.

And another thing, just because I don't tweet about whatever stupid holiday/tragedy is in the news, does not mean I don't care about said thing. Gossiping hens.

Hens get shot, stuffed, broiled, and fed to golden retriever puppies.


Understand that I love everybody and that I want everybody to succeed, and any point I will bring across in the future was probably done as a joke or a constructive criticism.

Again, it seems I'm addressing a hypothetical fictitious scandal that has yet to exist, but be what it may I am sorry. But, I cannot let this fear stop me. I'm going to repost some long deleted posts of mine (which I might later delete cause whatever)

But, I have decided that at this point, if my current or any future employers/sponsors/whatever would like to fire me over something I said, said job at establishment was not meant to be, and that it is the wishes of the universe telling me that it's time to move on.

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Men Are Like Dogs

This is a little diddy called Men Are Like Dogs...

Men Are Like Dogs.

They can be cuddly. They can be adorable. And they can rip your fucking face off.

They need care. They need love. They can kill you even if you've given them all of the above.

A dog by its nature is a stray. He will leave you if you don't feed him and rub his belly. So don't complain and give a dog what it needs or some skank will smile as it feeds.

Dogs can help.

They can aid your health.

And when you step on their paws they go yelp.

A big dog can bark at the would be burglars. But if you like them vicious he might think you're a burger.

A small dog might be fun at parties. But they're not around when the home invasion's starting.

A dog can mess up and need discipline. But if you smack them in the face too much, you can get a row of teeth in your rear end.

Dog in the mirror men of its own best friend. Love it well and it will be like Hachiko till the very end.