Friday, June 20, 2014

The Seven Year Itch

I've been getting sloppy.

It's something that's been going on for a while.

You try to give 120 percent. People complain. You make them feel inadequate. So you give 78 percent.

But you can't really give 78 percent. It's not natural. It goes against the laws of physics.

So you dwindle. You fall.

And you're afraid of promoting your blog because of some news story when some guy got fired for a joke on his blog that didn't make sense.

It's a lot of fucking bullshit.

You read blog posts about page views. You do all this stuff. You're chasing. You run for a while. And you stop caring after a while.

You got mothers poisoning their kids for blog views. What a loser. Learn how to be interesting, you degenerate fuck.

Sorry, got carried away...

Your idiot friends/family try to impose their half baked agendas on to you. Everything always seems conceived beforehand. You see all these people do all these different things, not because they want to but because it allegedly leads to somewhere else. Everything they do is a regurgitated rehash of what was popular last year.

Last year's over, hombre.

It takes three years to make a movie. You know what that means? It means, to be good, you need to be able to tell the future. You have to dig deep in the collective subconscious, and say what everyone wants to say, but doesn't have the balls to be able to.

You know that whole story about the guy that says "Once I get promoted, I will work harder", and he never gets promoted because he never works hard? The entertainment industry always excuses its misfires because it builds to a tomorrow that never appears.

Sometimes, producers make movies they don't like on the hopes of winning support from people who often flounder, complain, or don't show up at the box office.

Everything these days is filtered by the actions of what I call a fringe vocal few.

The idiots displaying their assault rifles in the department store. This isn't a political statement, this is about their own narcissism.

The idiots who kill people because no one liked their Facebook post. The idiots who bring drama on themselves.

Fringe vocal few. Rod Serling called them the Lunatic Fringe of Letter Writers. They went from writing letters to CBS complaining about Lassie giving birth to puppies on television to tweeting every celebrity on Twitter waiting for a response.

Never underestimate a person's ability to ruin a good thing.

Society has destroyed the ability to have a real conversation about anything for the fear of mildly damaging anyone's feelings.

Remember good television shows you would watch growing up? Remember how every once in a while they would have a sincere episode about something serious?

Episodes about Boy Meets World dealing with parents abusing their kids.

That one episode of Family Matters where Jaleel White broke character in the end and asked people to think about the violence in the Chicago area.

Yeah, it could be argued that Kirk Cameron took that whole issue-sitcom thing and went way overboard in the cause-related marketing.

But you need that sometimes. You need "Hey Arnold" episodes that talked about real shit. That episode where Stinky became the spokesperson for Yoohoo soda, and turned down a million dollars because the Yoohoo Soda marketing people made him look like an idiot.

They took what Spike Lee was trying to do with Bamboozled and made it universally accessible.

You know Dave Chappelle would watch that episode of Hey Arnold and think about his life afterward.

There's a lot of child stars that need to watch that.

Everything on the Disney/Nickelodeon/eventual ratchet child star incubator is this desensitized slurge where a bunch of kids are screaming "Oh my God! The popcorn machine is exploding!" while a forced laughtrack blasts in between promotional music videos that encourage tweens to have enough emotional baggage to fuel a soap opera.

Your love commodity. The drama that you market.

I'm convinced that actors lose their minds when they make hokey romantic comedies that go against who they are.

Look at each movie a child star was doing before they lost their mind. You think those movies sucked? The child stars who worked on that thing really hated it.

Greta Garbo starred in Two-Faced Woman. It was so bad that she gave up acting. That was in 1941. She passed away in 1990. The movie was so bad, she quit despite five decades of people asking her to come back.

I started really writing scripts in 2007. Sure, there was stuff I did when I was nine years old, but 2007 was when I reached all the way to page 100.

And I had to. Shrek 3. Pirates 3. Spider-Man 3. The climate needed that.

It's said that the seventh year is when an artist breaks out, if they don't lose themselves in the process.

I had severe emotional turmoil a few years back when I was forced to change a couple stories I wrote to something I did not want from closed minded nosey people who did not have my interests at heart. I was also working on a romantic comedy screenplay that drove me to near schizophrenia.

Which isn't to say I don't like romcoms, but this was one of those really crappy ideas. After I saw glimpses of my project's similarities in music videos and semi-Syfy channel movies, I gave up on it. And I should have.

Amputate the limb.

I wasn't having fun. I was speculating on something that cost me more sweat than I got back.

Not again.

We write what we're good at.

We don't apologize. We don't seek validation. We let inertia pull us in.

World Domination Is Not A Crime.