Saturday, November 9, 2013

On Change

You know, they say the one thing you can depend on in life is change.

And I know that "change" is one of those terms that gets thrown around so much, it sort of loses meaning.

But it's still powerful.

2013 has been good to me. I know this.

I don't think 2014 will be that way. I have this weird feeling that doing a fraction of what I've done this year will be feel twice as hard. Don't ask me why I feel this way. I won't try to jinx myself, but things were in alignment this year. Part of that was because I planned it so well in 2012.

2014 will definitely be a reloading year. A year of a lot of working, an ambition year moreso than an adventure year.

And that's okay. I also hope to kick up my feet for a little bit. Actually have something interesting to say in 2015.

Cause there's going to be a lot of unfamiliar territory in the future.

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