Tuesday, January 7, 2014

New Beginnings

Well, Happy 2014 everybody.

Let the countdown to hoverboards begin, but they probably won't.

I think it's funny. I still feel like it's 2007, to be all that honest with you.

I think a lot of people feel that way.

It's for two reasons:
1. It's easy to categorize decades that began with "19--". You can point a difference to how the 70s is different from the 80s. Now, it took a while for the fads that we associate with those decades to actually take place (watching that old trailer of the original Prom Night and noticing that a movie in the 80s still utilizes disco music).

2. The event chronology of the past decade and a half. Think about it. 2001 was the beginning of a reality television show called "Hunting Bin Laden". And Hunting Bin Laden has had many spinoffs since then. But so much time has been placed tracking this event, that when Bin Laden was finally killed, we stopped and were shocked at how much time went by.

The same can be said with regards to time and the Iraq War. 2003-2005 felt like a whirlwind.

It's also funny how things change culturally.

Twilight is dead. Straight up.

Zombies are in.

We got what we wanted. And it's...okay. We can make it better. There's ways to do these things.

Dystopias have become the subgenre of white women. This is odd.

Imagine going five years back in time. And you tell people what happened to Miley. And Bieber. And Chris Brown.

Time changes things.

This kernel of truth can be an amazing thing to apply to your life. Things can change a lot in five years. Make it inspire you, and make it be a cautionary tale.

Take the step and go forward.

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