Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Unresolved Plotlines From My Life

There's a bunch of weird stuff in my life that just sort of happened without explanation.

Like, I need closure for some things.

For example,

In the fourth grade, this kid said his mom took him to a play where some guy stabbed himself in the eyes.

Now, I'm pretty sure that was Oedipus, but I need to get that confirmed. Because if it wasn't, that would be weird. Kids randomly going to plays where people kill themselves.

What was that?

I also remember in the third grade when I had to go this weird class that other kids did not get to go to. It was this place where we talked about moral issues.

What was that?

Back in the sixth grade, this guy entered our class one day with a clipboard. He said he was from Nickelodeon. He then said to the class "raise your hand if I have your attention".

Everyone raised their hand.

He then said something about how we wasn't from Nickelodeon, and that he monitored children. The teacher was in full attendance, so this couldn't have been some random goof.

Who is going around to random classrooms lying about working for Nickelodeon?

When I was a kid, my mother said that they made the video game Doom into a horror movie. Now, this was before the 2005 film with the Rock, and I swore I saw a commercial of Doom with a guy in the role of a space marine. So I spent a large portion of my life thinking there was this Doom movie that I was missing out on.

My mother also said that she saw some version of the Exorcist where the demon lives and conquers the world. I always wanted to watch that film, but that movie does not exist. Elements from this nihilistic-project-that-does-not-exist show up in my work from time to time. Like, I think subconsciously, I'm trying to make that movie.

Now, English is my mother's second language, but there's a lot of confusion going on. But I've got to say, it's effected me in an odd way.

You ever have some weird stuff from your life that continues to creep in the back of your mind?

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