Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Men Are Like Dogs

This is a little diddy called Men Are Like Dogs...

Men Are Like Dogs.

They can be cuddly. They can be adorable. And they can rip your fucking face off.

They need care. They need love. They can kill you even if you've given them all of the above.

A dog by its nature is a stray. He will leave you if you don't feed him and rub his belly. So don't complain and give a dog what it needs or some skank will smile as it feeds.

Dogs can help.

They can aid your health.

And when you step on their paws they go yelp.

A big dog can bark at the would be burglars. But if you like them vicious he might think you're a burger.

A small dog might be fun at parties. But they're not around when the home invasion's starting.

A dog can mess up and need discipline. But if you smack them in the face too much, you can get a row of teeth in your rear end.

Dog in the mirror men of its own best friend. Love it well and it will be like Hachiko till the very end.

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