Monday, February 2, 2015

Water and fire, but not firewater

Next time you have the urge to do something self-destructive, I'd suggest you see someone else doing it.

Watch a video of someone punching someone else in the face.

Watch a video of two guys screaming at each other.

Sit in the comfort of your home, dorm, or living room and realize what an ass everyone in these videos is making of themselves.

And realize that that could be you if you were out to do such a thing.

Watch a video where a man complains about being a man.

Watch a video where a woman complains about being a woman.

I've had the urge to address the issue on the division of the sexes lately.

But, I've done my research and am immediately discouraged by such an outing.

And opening your mouth and generalizing a small faction as an entire group makes you seem like a buffoon.

Because you don't really hate women.

And you don't really hate men.

There was that boy that you really got along with. You thought about asking him to hang out, but you didn't, And you know if you were to write a sexist post, and this person were to see it, you wouldn't be able to forgive yourself.

And same applies to everyone. You know Hitler knew some cute Jewish girl in his life growing up. He probably wanted to talk to her, but never did, and someone else did and married her.

He probably thought about her when he killed himself.

There's a lot of people in unfortunate circumstances who are in denial of what needs to be done, so they lash out when they should be working on themselves.

J. Cole's been making a lot of sense. "Cause I know every poet just wanna be loved".

Originally, I thought he said "deep down, every boy just wanna be loved", but that works as well.

If you hire a star player, let them be a star player. No one cares about your boring fucking opinion.

Your boring opinion fucking sucks. Do cool shit to do cool shit.

Jennifer Aniston's movie career isn't doing as well as she wants it to. Because I don't think Jennifer actually watches movies. She doesn't have an urge to do cool shit. She did all her cool shit making Friends. She needs to make cool shit again.

But cool shit is intimidating.

It's intimidating to ask for more as an artist.

It's intimidating when people tell you you'll never achieve something to go on and achieve it and ask for more.

I think this where the root of most people's fears come from.

Pete Carroll got cocky. It's who he is. He did it with the Longhorns. He did it with the Patriots.

Part of his cockiness won him the ring last year. Part of his cockiness was why he was so good with USC. But, he has to accept that there's another side to that, and if he wants to keep doing what he's doing, that's just a part of life he has to accept. He probably did a long time ago.

If you live a certain lifestyle that comes with blowback and repercussions, you're just going to have to decide that this is a part of the life you chose and it's going to be a part of your day now.

Walt Disney declared bankruptcy several times in his career. But he accepted that in order to do the things he wanted to do with his life, that was just something he had to deal with.

Walt Disney went to his grave fighting over money with his brother so he could make his projects. Again, that was something he had to deal with, and no one acknowledges, and he is an artist who will live forever because of it.

He would rather do that than work at a nine to five.

Working eighteen hour days and gambling your savings, your significant others savings, all over something that no one thinks will work. Disney's folly.

Take some trial, and a little bit of error. Figure out what you want. Give yourself a little space to fall. Don't make full blown predictions yet. The puppies and the porcupine picked the Seahawks. I'd like to think the Patriots would get disqualified for some cheating method that has yet to be discovered, but I'm not gonna worry about that.

Worry about you. Get what you want.

And make sure you'd keep doing it after you were rich.

A lot of shitty reality television celebs stop being artists after the money came in.

Chase the wrong thing, and you'll get it.

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